Digital Studies

Creative Coding

Glitch Art Portfolio
This is a Glitch Art Portfolio I completed using a combination of Python and Audacity to “glitch out” a series of photographs. Created in 2021 for DGST 302.

Glitch Art Tutorial
This is a tutorial where I give step-by-step instructions on how I created my Glitch Art Portfolio. Feel free try it out for yourself! Created in 2021 for DGST 302.

Creative Coding Portfolio
This is a portfolio containing several versions of each of the projects I created for Creative Coding. It contains entries on Computerized Poetry, Computer Generated Novels, P5.JS Screensavers, and a P5.JS Clock. Created in 2021 for DGST 302.

Reading Literature With Computers

The Stylometry of Baen Books Science Fiction Authors
This is an analysis of science fiction authors that examines their stylometric similarities and differences. This project was completed using a form of computational analysis inspired by Ben Blatt’s Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve. Created in 2022 for ENGL 451B.