Creative Coding Portfolio

As a final farewell to Creative Coding, we were asked to create a portfolio that included improvements on at least four of the coding assignments we completed this semester. Since this is the first class I’ve ever taken that revolved heavily around coding, I felt like all of my project could have been revisited in some way, shape, or form. However, I managed to limit it down to the four I felt needed the most work, because the other two project, Bot and Glitch, are two I am very proud to have completed. So, for this portfolio I will be revisiting and improving upon my Poem, Novel, Screensaver, and Clock assignments. For better or for worse, I’ve put a lot of effort into all of them! To view each, click on the buttons down below or the relevant page links in the top menu under Digital Studies.

First, I decided to revise my poetry assignment. I had neglected to fully complete this project, something I rectified in this portfolio

Second, I decided to revise my novel assignment. After a disastrous first run with my code, I wanted to revisit this assignment and generate an entire series.

Third, I decided to revise my screensaver assignment. I really liked the original, but I wanted to experiment with P5.JS some more!

Fourth, I decided to revise my clock. While the end result may be a little unstable, this is a project I thought needed the most work. I will also continue to improve on this one once the class is over.

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