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    The Typology of Music: A Glitch Art Story and Portfolio

    For my final project in DS106, I wanted to take an old project I had worked on in high school and revamp it by combining my knowledge of photography, coding, and writing to create an interesting glitch art photo gallery accompanied by a story. To start off, this project took a lot of time. I took an old typology project from high school where I took thirty pictures of various CDs I own to arrange in a grid format and decided to create glitch art out of that. Glitch art is an aesthetic choice or the unintentional result of a malfunction. For example, that rainbow effect on a broken TV…

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    My Final Project So Far

    For my final project I’m planning to create a glitch art portfolio. When I was in high school I took a photography class and one of the assignments we completed as to take a large number of photos of similar items. For mine I brought in thirty CDs from my collection and set up a mini studio with a tripod, a light, and a black blanket to take pictures of all these CDs. Afterwards I arranged those photos in a grid, and that assignment was over. I have constantly thought back on that assignment and wondered how I could make it more interesting. At a glance it looks cool, but…

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    Remixes and Mashups

    This week was a week of remixes and mashups! Please consider taking a look at the assignments I did this week by clicking any of the links below! We were supposed to complete eight stars worth of assignments, which I did with two three star assignments and a two star assignment, as well as two remix assignments of our choosing! Please take a look at them! And don’t forget to leave a comment if you see something you like! Good Omens: A Children’s Tale Buffalax! by Nena Breakfast in America Redux Boston With Art from Jackson Pollack The Joy of Painting: Where’s Waldo? Edition This Week’s Daily Creates! We were…