• Digital Storytelling

    Infomercial Fails

    The next assignment I decided to complete this week was “Where Did The Soda Go?” for the humorous fails and over-dramatic reactions. I was considering doing something like this for awhile, so I was happy to discover an assignment related to it! I knew of this infomercial because I saw it a few years ago and thought it was utterly ridiculous. Luckily Google knew what infomercial I was looking for when I did a search for “infomercial where the bowls explode out of the cabinet.” This was the first result! It features a woman going to her kitchen cabinet, opening it, and then it looks like an entire store’s worth…

  • Digital Storytelling

    Minimalist Recreation of a Video Game Character

    For this next assignment, I chose to do “4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve.” I used the Paint 3D program that comes pre-installed on Windows computers to create this. I considered using the old Microsoft Paint, but this program actually allows you to do significantly more and produce cleaner images. Since this assignment calls for you to only use “4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve”, I used exactly that. I’ll give a step-by-step of each of these. The four lines consist of the three parallel lines on the right side of the image, with the fourth line being the orange line on the left side. The five dots…

  • Digital Storytelling

    Just a Splash of Color

    For this assignment, I wanted to incorporate something new into the old. The new being the assignment, “Splash The Color”, and the old being this photograph I took back in December 2017. A little story behind this image is that I was in Washington D.C. on a high school art trip. At the time I was taking two photography classes and thus had two assignments to complete. The two classes were Photojournalism and Commercial Photography. For Photojournalism I was supposed to do street photography, taking pictures of whatever I wanted. There was no minimum or maximum, as long as I had fifteen photos to share in class from the trip.…