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    Breakfast in American Redux

    For this assignment I decided to remake an album cover. This is for the assignment “Remix An Album Cover” in the assignment bank, which gives you free choice on however you choose to remake it. This was only a two star assignment and it was fairly simple to do. The hardest part was picking an album to remix. Since I’m old-fashioned when it comes to music, I went through every interesting album I could think of. Originally I wanted to remix Boston’s debut album, but later used it for a remix assignment instead. For this assignment, however, I pulled up and interesting album cover to turn back into a more…

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    Good Omens: A Children’s Tale

    For this next assignment this week, I decided to create a children’s book cover for the “Mashedup Children’s Book” assignment. Lately I have been excited with the news of there being a Season Two of the Amazon Prime Show Good Omens, so I wanted to create a mash-up book cover that reveals some of the plot without fully giving it away. For anyone not familiar with it, Good Omens (1990) was written by Neil Gaimen (of Sandman fame) and Terry Prachett (of Discworld fame). They are two of the greatest British authors in recent times, and Good Omens has had a devoted cult following since its release in 1990. Amazon…

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    For my first assignment this week, I decided to complete the “Buffalax!” assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank. This assignments calls you you to take a video in a language other than English and give it English captions. I knew from the start I wanted to used the music video for Nena’s “99 Luftballons” since it one of my favorite non-English songs. “99 Luftballons” is a song from 1983 that became a hit in the United States. It actually peaked #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1984, which I know from listening to old reruns of American Top 40 on the radio. I’ve known this song for years…