• Digital Storytelling

    My First Song: Revisited

    For my second rework assignment in DS106, I wanted to revisit the song I made for the “Play DJ & Make A Song” assignment. I stated in the original that I created this song using GarageBand after it came pre-installed on my new iPad. Since then I have bought a new keyboard case and a stylus for future art and animation projects in Procreate, however the stylus also came in handy when moving around sound files in GarageBand. I had previously stated at the time I made the first song that I had no experience with the program. I still have very little experience with it, but I’ve managed to…

  • Digital Storytelling

    Postcard: Revisited

    I originally completed the “Postcards From Magical Places” assignment back in Week 6, where I made a postcard for the 4077 MASH unit from the television show M*A*S*H. However, anyone who may had read that post might remember that I mentioned I originally did not want to generate a postcard from M*A*S*H. Instead, I wanted to make a postcard for Stalag 13, the World War II German P.O.W. camp that serves as the setting of the television series Hogan’s Heroes. I mentioned back then that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate an image from the show into a postcard, since I could not find any aerial views of the set…