• Adventures in Digital History

    Refresh, Restore, Rescue: Reflection

    At the start of the semester I was placed with the Refresh, Restore, Rescue group alongside Carson Berrier, Ashley Diminio, and Eugene Hlaing. We were informed by Dr. McClurken that the project we had been assigned was one that had never been done before. We were not going to be completing a traditional digital history project like the other groups. Instead of researching a topic and publishing resources and findings online as part of a comprehensive digital history site, we would instead be examining every digital history project created by current and previous iterations of the Adventures in Digital History class with the intention of fixing any issues those sites…

  • Adventures in Digital History


    As the semester comes to a close, we’ve spent the majority of our time the past week working on fixing any issues Dr. McClurken found with our sites. My group was happy to find that, out of the many, many pages on our site, there was only a few issues that really needed to be addressed. Some minor issues with tagging, a blog post needed to be updated, a few spelling and grammar errors, as well as some much needed citations. Once all of this was brought to our attention, we have been picking through the site with a fine tooth comb. I personally have been on citation duty. Once…

  • Adventures in Digital History

    ADH Project Finished!

    When I say “finished” I mean the that we finished the first “draft” of our Adventures in Digital History project. I’m sure that we will have to make some minor changes at the request of Dr. McClurken, but for now we can say we are finished with this long, and oftentimes stressful, project. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed working on it! I learned a lot about website management, digital preservation, organization, and the limitations that come with all of that! It has been so fun to work alongside Ashley, Carson, and Eugene to create a functioning site. But there’s something about officially being done that is excellent! This…