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    Postcard: Revisited

    I originally completed the “Postcards From Magical Places” assignment back in Week 6, where I made a postcard for the 4077 MASH unit from the television show M*A*S*H. However, anyone who may had read that post might remember that I mentioned I originally did not want to generate a postcard from M*A*S*H. Instead, I wanted to make a postcard for Stalag 13, the World War II German P.O.W. camp that serves as the setting of the television series Hogan’s Heroes. I mentioned back then that I wasn’t sure how to incorporate an image from the show into a postcard, since I could not find any aerial views of the set…

  • Digital Storytelling

    Greetings from the 4077 MASH!

    For the assignment “Postcards From Magical Places” I decided to take a slightly less magical approach and use the name location from one of my favorite shows for this assignment. If you have been reading some of my other posts you might have noticed I like to refer to old music, movies, and television shows. Well, here is one of the oldest references I’ve made yet! Originally I wanted to do something with Stalag 13, the POW camp from Hogan’s Heroes, but could not find any photographs of the set or aerial shots of the camp that were not grainy. So, I decided to do my second choice: the 4077…