• Digital Storytelling

    Radio Bumper for Radio Fans

    One of the required assignments this week was to complete the “Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper” assignment. To be honest, I felt like I was cheating a bit because I made one during the first week of class and received an overwhelming amount of support for it! However, I was happy to give it a shot again now that I’ve had more time to listen to DS106 Rad.io and experiment with Audacity. For this assignment, I changed up tactics a bit. Now that I have Audacity installed on my computer, it’s a much better recording method than the one I used before. Word of advice for anyone out there: your…

  • Digital Storytelling

    “Hey All You Radio Fans…”

    Welcome one and welcome all to my first assignment post for DS106! For the first assignment I decided to do something a bit challenging. Since I have almost zero experience with sound engineering and recording, I decided to do an assignment that was a little outside of my comfort zone. This assignment, titled “Create A DS106 Radio Bumper” is located under the Audio Assignments on the DS106 Assignment Bank. According to the assignment rating, this assignment is only 2/5 stars, but since I’ve never done anything like this I wanted to try and give it my all! This assignment, while not that hard in theory, was a little time consuming…