• Digital Storytelling

    My First Song: Revisited

    For my second rework assignment in DS106, I wanted to revisit the song I made for the “Play DJ & Make A Song” assignment. I stated in the original that I created this song using GarageBand after it came pre-installed on my new iPad. Since then I have bought a new keyboard case and a stylus for future art and animation projects in Procreate, however the stylus also came in handy when moving around sound files in GarageBand. I had previously stated at the time I made the first song that I had no experience with the program. I still have very little experience with it, but I’ve managed to…

  • Digital Storytelling

    A Little Song of My Own

    Quick story behind this post! I recently bought a new iPad because Apple has stopped updating the one I’ve had for nearly ten years (stupid planned obsolescence) and also because I need a reliable back-up in case my laptop decides to bite the dust (which did happen two years ago, and old faithful saved me). So, this iPad came with a bunch of stuff pre-installed, most of which I deleted, but I noticed I now had access to GarageBand and iMovie without having to pay a separate fee. Now, I have never used either of these programs before, but something about GarageBand had me playing around in it the moment…