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Thoughts on Design

In many ways we do not think on a day-to-day basis how much thought goes into the design process of the world around us. Design is something we are presented with everyday, everywhere, all the time. Everything from the appearance of everyday objects to the decisions we make have a design of some kind.

Chip Kidd’s article was interesting in that it provides excellent examples that make you consider design concepts you would normally not notice or be ignorant of. Kidd obviously takes pride in his work, and extending his creative ideas and mindset towards children and adults who wish to delve into the design is admirable in getting people unfamiliar with the concepts interested in new and unique ways. There are so many different ideas and concepts that create designed world around us. Color has create meaning, inducing feelings, moods, promoting symbolism, and much more! Symmetry and asymmetry can create new and interesting images and perspectives. And then the complexity or simplicity that can make certain designs come to life. Even Kidd’s work include elements such as these, showing just how much thought and work goes into simple projects that we take for granted.

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