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The Typology of Music: A Glitch Art Story and Portfolio

For my final project in DS106, I wanted to take an old project I had worked on in high school and revamp it by combining my knowledge of photography, coding, and writing to create an interesting glitch art photo gallery accompanied by a story.

To start off, this project took a lot of time. I took an old typology project from high school where I took thirty pictures of various CDs I own to arrange in a grid format and decided to create glitch art out of that. Glitch art is an aesthetic choice or the unintentional result of a malfunction. For example, that rainbow effect on a broken TV can be considered glitch art! I learned how to create glitch art in Creative Coding with Dr. Whalen earlier this semester and thought it would be cool to apply that knowledge to this class! I became proficient in the use of Audacity (yes the audio software) to create glitch art and decided to generate several interesting galleries of art using the different effects.

Glitch art can be achieved in Audacity through a little file conversion and then messing around with the effects menu. The process is a little complex, but luckily I made a Glitch Art Tutorial for anyone interested in learning more!

I decided to create six different galleries: Difference, Graphic EQ, Echo, Reverb, Wahwah, and Change Tempo. Each of these are named after the effect I used to produce the images in Audacity. And each gallery contains thirty images each! So that is a total of one-hundred-eighty images I created for this project!

This was a long and tiresome process. Creating glitch art with Audacity means converting, saving, and converting files again over and over. After doing this over a hundred times, I got more than a little tired of staring at my computer. Then I had to upload each of these images to Flickr, because I do not have enough storage left on my Domain to upload images directly. Then came the tedious part: embedding all those images into the subdomain I had created for this project.

Yep, you heard me right. I created a subdomain that allows me to display each of these galleries like a typical artist or photographer would. Each gallery has a page dedicated to displaying the gallery by type, but the entire Flickr gallery is embedded in several places around the site if you would like to look at it that way.

Embedding each of those images into the site took forever and I once again found myself hating my computer. However, once I was finished, I was so happy with the result that I could not stay mad!

After getting all the images together I started writing a story to tie it all together. Fair warning, the story is a bit personal but it also include my love of music and CDs, which is part of the reason why I wrote it. I put a lot of thought into it, into this whole project, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

This blog post is merely meant to act as an introduction and reflection of my project I will provide the link down below. The link can also be found in the menu of this site, by going under the Digital Studies tab. There is a category for Digital Storytelling, and the project is the only thing linked under it. Once you get to the site, be sure to look around! There are various pages and links to check out! The entire project is not just confined to one page!

I hope everyone enjoys! Please be sure to leave a comment down below to let me know what you think! I thank you so much for such an amazing semester in this class!

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