Digital Storytelling

The Painter in Peril

For my “Sound Effects Story” I decided to do something that would tie it into our theme associated with Bob Ross. I based my sound effects story around the average sounds associated with painters, with a little twist at the end.

This assignment was actually my first use of Audacity to create a project. I had a little experience editing sound through videos, but never integrating audio on this level. I only used to obtain sounds to use in this story. The assignment calls for us to use at least five different sounds found online, and that the story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Well, I used a lot more than five sounds, but I made sure to keep it within the 90 second time limit. I had to play around in Audacity a bit before doing this assignment, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to splice audio files together. I do now!

Please give it a listen!

The sounds I used in this short sound effects story include:

As you can see I used a lot of sounds to put this together. I never would have thought so much goes into something as simple as making a story out of sound effects! It was a little daunting, but it also makes me excited for future assignments! I saw that we will be making our own radio show later in the semester and I feel like this assignment really gets you thinking about sounds effects and their uses in place of text or dialogue.

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