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“The Missing Painter” Promo

For the first audio assignment I did this week, I decided to modify the “80’s Product Radio Commercial” assignment so I could create a commercial for our upcoming radio show project. At this point in the week, my group (The Fab Five) have already been working on our project and have everything planned out, including who will be doing radio bumpers and who will be doing commercials. I volunteered to do one of the commercials since I really wanted to create a radio promo for the show.

To start off, I approached this assignment much like I did the radio bumper assignment. First I wrote a draft of what I wanted to say. The idea was simple: try to make your program sound interesting to an audience so they’ll watch. What makes a program? Exclusivity and mystery. I say exclusive simply because the complete project is meant to be broadcast on DS106 Radio, so I really wanted to say something that caught your attention on that front. My other point, mystery, ties into the themes of the radio drama we are recreating. One of the characters in missing throughout the entire script, so I felt including that in the promo would help get people’s attention.

After figuring out what I wanted to say, I recorded myself a few times in Audacity until I found a take I was most happy with. From there I made simple edits, such as normalizing the audio and adding reverb to parts of thought were important. I also messed around a bit with PaulStretch, which slows the audio down by a factor of your choosing without affecting the pitch. Afterwards I used a copyright free tune available through the Windows Video Editor (hey, it’s useful!) called “Rescue Crew” that I manipulated a bit in Audacity until I was happy with the way the music sounded with the voiceover.

And there you have it! Please tell me what you think down below! Based off what you know about our project so far, would you want to tune in after hearing this commercial?


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