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This week was a fairly light week, which I appreciated after working on the radio projects. I honestly needed a short break after that project and all the other assignments I have been working on this week for other classes. However, I still appreciated the assignments we were required to do and enjoyed doing them immensely. I got to revisit two previous assignments and revise them. I decided to focus on a postcard and a song I made, making sure to challenge myself a bit for both assignments! I also got to listen the our radio shows on DS106 Radio! Afterwards I had some time to brainstorm some project ideas, however I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do!

This Week’s Daily Creates!

This week we were asked to incorporate three Daily Creates into a story. I was a bit of an overachiever and managed to incorporate four by picking three and using them as a prompt for the National Day on Writing. I won’t be posting my Daily Creates here like normal since I have included all of them in a post of their own! You can check them out, as well as the story I made, by clicking on the link down below!

Commenting and Participation!

We’re back this week commenting like normal! Like always, I’ve provided links to some of the most interesting blogs I’ve commented on this week! Be sure to check them out! And please check out my own blog as well!

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Be sure to check out my work form this week if you haven’t already! This week, while light, was still a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to video assignments now as well as our final projects! Thanks for reading!

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