Digital Storytelling

Remixes and Mashups

This week was a week of remixes and mashups! Please consider taking a look at the assignments I did this week by clicking any of the links below! We were supposed to complete eight stars worth of assignments, which I did with two three star assignments and a two star assignment, as well as two remix assignments of our choosing! Please take a look at them! And don’t forget to leave a comment if you see something you like!

Good Omens: A Children’s TaleBuffalax! by Nena Breakfast in America Redux
Boston With Art from Jackson PollackThe Joy of Painting: Where’s Waldo? Edition

This Week’s Daily Creates!

We were required to do three this week! Check out mine below!

I was a bit vague in some of these creates, so I think using this empty space to explain them would be fun! My first DC references the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Dead Money, which features a casino heist in the post apocalyptic wasteland. The air around the casino is poisonous, and the enemies don’t seem to stay dead. Like I said, terrifying.

The second is obviously The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” in reference to Daylight Savings Time. The third is a reference to Lord of the Rings. The password to gain entrance to the Mines of Moria: “Speak friend and enter.” The word for friend in Elvish is “mellon.”

This Week’s Comments and Participation!

As always, I try to comment on twelve different blog posts every week! Here’s some that I took a look at and left comments on!

Spies in PinkLove At First Seuss
Where’s Waldo?Mood Swing
Country BobThe Mario Movie
The RocketeerSwindon Monthly
Broom AccidentPassword Please
Uncle Bob RemixI’m ready for my close up…

Thoughts On The Final Project!

I’ve already figured out what I’m planning to do for my final project in this class! I mentioned in an earlier post what my plans are, but I don’t mind rehashing them here!

For my final project, I want to take some of my old photography projects and create something completely new. When I was a senior in high school, I took Photojournalism and Commercial Photography, which allowed me to experiment with photography quite a bit. I still have all my old photographs saved on a flash drive I keep with me. I once did a project where I took photos of twenty-plus CDs and put them in a a grid for an assignment. I want to combine my experience with coding with the artistic storytelling in this class by taking those individual photos and create a glitch art portfolio. I’ll do this by Pixel Sorting them using Python, which can have some interesting effects on an image. I then want to take the Pixel Sorted image and run it through Audacity and mess around with the effects to glitch the photograph even more. Since these images are all of CDs I own, and all are uniform besides the CDs themselves, they’ll have a common theme yet be unique all on their own.

After I have done all this, I want to put them on display. I am planning to create a subdomain dedicated to it, to put it on display like many photographers do. I have very limited storage on my Domain right now, however I think using Flickr to embed things might fix this. I’ll most likely include before and after shots, to demonstrate how different the glitch art is to the original photograph. I’ll even talk about it, discussing why each of the CDs represent who I am, and how the glitch art has created a unique aesthetic.

Well, that’s it for this week! Please be sure to check out the things I worked on, and don’t be afraid to comment!

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