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Reading the Scene

This week we were required to create a short video essay that analyzes a scene from a movie, using the themes we learned from this week’s videos and readings. I go in-depth on this in my video, but I’m going to use my blog post here to explain how I made this video.

To start off, I found a movie clip I wanted to use. Dr. Strangelove (1964) recently came up in my History of Conspiracy Theories class, and I have done a project on that movie before, so I thought it would be fun analyze a scene from it. Dr. Strangelove is one of my favorite movies simply because of how absurd it is, and also because it has historical relevance as a primary source from the 1960s. This clip came from MovieClips on YouTube and is called “Living Underground.” I downloaded it using VLC Media Player, by opening the network stream and copying the codec information to decode it, thus making it available for download. From there I figured out what I wanted to say and planned my “vlog” experience.

I cheated a little bit by recording myself by using Zoom. For anyone who doesn’t know, you can open your personal meeting room on Zoom and use it as a screen recorder and a video recorder. I recorder this in two parts. First I recorded an intro where I talked about what the purpose of this video was. I then recorded the analysis, where I talked about the clip itself. I used Windows Video Editor to compile the intro, the actual clip from the movie, and the analysis together to create a short essay. I didn’t edit it too much, because there wasn’t really anything to edit. I just used the editor to put the clips together and finished the video. Afterwards I posted it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy!

Please comment down below on what you think! Also, check out my project on Dr. Strangelove from a few semester ago, if you want! I would recommend HIST 329: US History in Film! It’s a great class and Dr. McClurken is excellent!

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