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Radio Show Progress Report #2

As the week comes to a close, I felt is appropriate to summarize the progress of our radio show before we post the final project. Last week we made plans to meet on Zoom to record everything, since many of us were not in the Fredericksburg area during Fall Break. This created some issues, but we made it in the end! My group, The Fab Five, met on Zoom on Wednesday (October 13, 2021) and ran through the entire script for our show in one sitting. I was the one hosting the meeting so I recorded it and saved the audio file for later use. After obtaining the file, I made a few edits to it right aware. I used Audacity’s noise reduction feature and normalized the audio so nothing was too loud or too quiet. Afterwards I uploaded the initial draft to my GoogleDrive and provided a link for my group members to access. Since then I have made some major edits, adding all out commercials and radio bumpers, so we meet the requirements for the project. I had to stop using GoogleDrive for this, because the file was too large. Thankfully the UMW email servers let me send the audio file, which was a whopping 20 MB, to the rest of my group members so they could finalize the music and sound effects. It’s been an adventure! I simply hope the finished project turns out good and that everyone enjoys it!

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