Digital Storytelling

Week Five Was an Auditory Adventure

Looking back on this week, I think learning how to use audio editing software and the various methods of audio storytelling has been some of the most fun I’ve had in this class. I absolutely love music, radio, and audio dramas, so this week really spoke to me!

This week was a little strange since we were not required to keep track of stars for assignments. Instead we had complete 3-4 Audio Assignments from the DS106 Assignment Bank. On top of that we had two set assignments we had to complete, including “Create A DS106 Radio Bumper” (which did not contribute to the assignment count) and “Sound Effects Story” (which did contribute to the assignment count and is connected to Bob Ross). Outside of these two assignments, I also made a song of my own using GarageBand (which includes the Bob Ross approach), harmonized with myself to create a vocal song three times over (creative freedom!), and looked at a single song’s iterations from the 1960s to the present day. All of these assignments are linked below, as well as reflections to do with audio storytelling, DS106 radio, and my brainstorming ideas for our radio show! Please take the time to look at them if you haven’t already! And don’t forget to comment!

DS106 Radio ReflectionAudio Reflection
Radio Bumper for Radio Fans The Painter in Peril
Radio Dramas for our Radio Show!A Little Song of My Own
Remakes that Define and Defy the Genre(Attempting To) Harmonize With Myself

Daily Creates

This week we were told to do three Daily Creates, so here they are!

This post featured one of my first uses of Audacity! It was so easy to use despite the fact I had never recorded anything with it!

Please give the song a listen!

I had an idea similar to this about a year ago when making an HTML website for DGST 395. While I had to push that idea aside, I’m happy I got to use it somewhere! I like the idea of wrecking this album (despite it being one of my favorites).

Participation and Comments!

I would like to remind people that I look at other people’s blogs and that I will always (always!) respond to comments on this blog. Please comment some more! I feel like nobody looks at my blog!

Anyways, here is a list of blogs I visited this week and commented on. Don’t forget to show them some love too!

Create A DS106 Radio BumperAudio Assignment: Favorite Song
Guess What’s HappeningMuffled Music
It’s Getting On My NervesRadio Bumper DJ Walk Style
Time to ChillGet ur Polaroid!
Radio BumperZombie Battle
Sounds of a VacationFriday = Movie Night

I would like to close out this week by saying how excited I am to be doing audio assignments! Earlier this week I ordered a microphone to record assignments on. Sadly it didn’t come in time for me to do assignments this week, but it came earlier today and I’ve been experimenting with it all afternoon! Though it was a relatively cheap microphone (I only paid $30) it sounds so much nicer than the one on my headphones! However, I didn’t buy it only for this class. I have two other classes outside of this one I will be making documentary style projects for and I wanted a good quality microphone to capture audio. I can also use it for online gaming since it is compatible with everything I own, which is just an added bonus!

This week has been really amazing, simply because of all the audio assignments we got to work on and all the media we got to listen to! I’m very excited for the upcoming radio show assignment and can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

Don’t forget to check my blog posts from this week, as well as everyone else’s! And don’t forget to comment! It’s always a joy to hear feedback!

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