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Project Ideas

For our final project, I’ve thought about many different things so I’m just going to make a list and go through them all.

  1. Create a short video documentary. I’m actually already doing this for another class. In History of US Mental Health we were given options on a digitally enhanced project, and I decided to create a 10-15 minute documentary on my topic. If anyone is interested, this video will be live by October 26, 2021, so keep an eye out!
  2. Create a cover album. I like music, as I’m sure many others do. Why not make an album? Record yourself singing 10-20 songs, or something like that. The number of songs on an album is arbitrary, anyway! I thought about recording myself singing some of my favorite songs and composing them into an album. Or, take it a step further and make the album has a theme. Or create an entire cover album where you cover every song off of one of your favorite albums.
  3. Create an HTML website. This one sounds hard, but it’s really not. I’m in Creative Coding this semester and find myself doing a lot of things with code, but HTML is one of my favorite things to work with. There’s plenty of guides online to help you too!
  4. Create a glitch art portfolio. This is my coding brain sparking again. Creating glitch art is relatively simple and fun, if you know what you’re doing. And I’m not talking about running an image through a glitch generator. I’m talking about using Python to Pixel Sort and image or using Audacity to completely rearrange it. The Audacity method requires a lot of file converting, but it’s really fun once you know what you’re doing! [This one is my favorite so far!]
  5. Create a bot. Twitter bot, Discord bot, anything really. Write some code for a bot and have it do something. I’d suggest using Cheap Bots Done Quick, since they allow you to host a bot without having to provide API for yourself.
  6. Create an audiobook. Ever wished you had an audiobook version of something? Well, make your own!

Those are all the ideas I’ve had so far! There are so many things we could do, but these are just a few that really grabbed my attention. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas you would add to this list?


    • Lyndsey Clark

      I know! I’ve had to do glitch art for another class and there are so many ways to to it! However, I like using Audacity the best. You convert images to soundwave files and use the effects menu to glitch it. It’s a rather long process, but the results are always a lot of fun!

  • Paul

    The cover album is a novel idea for ds106. In the Discord #examples channel, I shared an example of an album experience that a band put together, so that along with the music you get the stories behind the songs and some behind the scenes videos of how it was recorded and produced. You might do something similar with a cover album, where the songs are coupled with stories of what they mean to you, or how you went about reinterpreting them.

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