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Our Very Own Radio Show!

This week comes to an end with a bang, as everyone shares their radio show projects with the world! My group (We called ourselves The Fab Five!) consists of myself, Sarah Leonard, Erica Gonzalez, Mike Messina, and Skylar Joseph. We are proud to be sharing our recreation of the Roy Roger’s Show, but before we get to that I have some other thing’s I’d like to talk about. In the meantime, check out my second progress report on this project and then continue down below!

While working on this project, I actually created another radio bumper since I felt we needed something to lead us out of the show! I posted it on SoundCloud, but you can listen to it here as well! I made it in about five minutes, recording the voiceover then using a copyright free song called “Pachelbel’s Canon” as the background music. This was all done in Audacity before I exported the file and uploaded it to SoundCloud. I’ve pretty much got these radio bumpers down to nothing at this point! Haha!

This Week’s Daily Creates!

Due to Fall Break making this week a short week, and the time allotted for groups to work on our radio projects, we only had to complete two Daily Creates this week! Here’s the two I completed! I got to show my interest in art and video games!

Participation and Comments!

This week was a little strange when it comes to comments and participation! Since we did not have many things do, there weren’t that many posts to comment on! However I still managed to find some! Some are from this week and a few are from last week that I didn’t see in time for my last weekly summary. Here’s the posts I commented on this week! And be sure to check out mine! I promise to respond back, even to the simplest comment!

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The Roy Rogers Show!

For our radio project we recreated an episode of the Roy Rogers Show, a radio drama from the 1950s. We used an episode script called “The Missing Scientist” and modified it slightly to include our class theme, Bob Ross. I actually explained all this in another post, so go there if you want a more in-depth explanation!

We ran into some trouble Thursday night when technology decided to malfunction. This was mostly due to the large file size of the audio project, and an email got lost in limbo. There was also general technical difficulties since not all of us were on campus and could not meet in person for this project. And conducting an audio project such as this, especially when we don’t have much experience with audio editing, is hard! I was stressed most of the night because I had put a lot of effort into recording things and then rearranging the audio to include the radio bumpers and commercials created by our group! I am happy with how it turned out though! For a group with very little audio editing experience, I think we did rather well!

Let me know in a comment down below what you think!


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