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My Project Idea

I had a lot of fun looking over everyone’s ideas for the final project for this class. It really gives insight to how different everyone is, and the types of things they are interested in. I really liked the idea of each of us doing something different, that displays our own creative, digital storytelling strengths. Kudos to @eendip’s ideas on this, and putting it all into words!

I really liked some of the ideas people came up with. Josephine’s idea sounds a lot like she wanted to create something like an oral history project to focus on the stories of a group whose stories are not typically heard. She could do this by focusing on some kind of narrative and using a digital medium to make it come to life. This could be done with a video, or simply through an informative podcast. She could include background, history, and firsthand accounts. There’s actually an entire field devoted to this, so she could definitely make something like that work.

Another idea I though that sounded cool was Mason’s idea of creating a comedy. Some of the most memorable things we come into contact with are funny, so creating a short video or audio tale with a character of his own creation sounds amazing! Especially since he mentioned he already had a script!

I also took inspiration from Carrington’s idea, as well as Walker’s idea, and decided I wanted to create a project that outlines happiness above all else. It wasn’t until the other day I was thinking over the ideas I proposed myself that I figured out what I want to do!

For my final project, I want to take some old projects and so something completely new. When I was a senior in high school, I took Photojournalism and Commercial Photography, which allowed me to experiment with photography quite a bit. I still have all my old photographs saved on a flash drive I keep with me. I once did a project where I took photos of twenty-plus CDs and put them in a a grid for an assignment. I want to take those individual photos and create a glitch art portfolio. I’ll do this by Pixel Sorting them using Python, which can have some interesting effects on an image. I then want to take the Pixel Sorted image and run it through Audacity and mess around with the effects to glitch the photograph even more. Since these images are all of CDs I own, and all are uniform besides the CDs themselves, they’ll have a common theme yet be unique all on their own.

After I have done all this, I want to put them on display. I may create a page here on this blog, or maybe create a subdomain dedicated to it. I haven’t decided on that yet, because I have very limited storage on my Domain right now. I’ll most likely include before and after shots, to demonstrate how different the glitch art is to the original photograph. I’ll even talk about it, discussing why each of the CDs represent who I am, and how the glitch art has created a unique aesthetic.

What do you think? I’m rather happy with this idea, because it allows me to express my creativity by combining my love of photography with my experience in coding, while using Audacity to create something creative that it is not intended for.


  • Paul

    This is a great idea. I especially like the explanation of how you combined several other influences to arrive at it. Making a subdomain specifically for the project is also a great idea. If storage space is really a problem, let me know. Maybe I can get the hosting company to help out.

    • Lyndsey Clark

      Thank you! And that would be fantastic, because right now I cannot add that many thing to my website because my storage is filling up fast. Domain is sending me messages about this all the time, too. I’d hate to have to delete anything, because I like all of my projects and don’t want to get rid of them just yet.

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