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My First Song: Revisited

For my second rework assignment in DS106, I wanted to revisit the song I made for the “Play DJ & Make A Song” assignment. I stated in the original that I created this song using GarageBand after it came pre-installed on my new iPad. Since then I have bought a new keyboard case and a stylus for future art and animation projects in Procreate, however the stylus also came in handy when moving around sound files in GarageBand. I had previously stated at the time I made the first song that I had no experience with the program. I still have very little experience with it, but I’ve managed to figure out enough so create a remix of my original song that is over three minutes long!

I spent over two hours working on this song, because I had to figure out how to edit sound files without totally destroying them. The basic idea of the song is still the same. I wanted the song to be able to be played continuously on a loop without the listening knowing where it begins and ends. I was inspired to to this after watching a video (that I cannot find anymore, sadly) on how Nintendo’s music for their games and consoles has that same looping quality.

Since I had already made the song, all I had to do was cut and paste sections. I spent a lot of time just listening to it, trying to figure out which instruments sounded good together. I wanted it to have an intro and and outro, and used the guzheng (which is that Japanese twangy sound all throughout the song) as the basis, since I thought it was the most recognizable sound. From there I introduced bass and drums before moving into the synthesizers. There is one section of the song that only has the guzheng and drums playing before moving back into the song. I did this to give it some variety before continuing onto the outro.

Please give the remix a listen! I’d suggest listening to it on a loop. Like before, I experimented with the premade instrumental sets in GarageBand, playing it by ear to create an interesting piece. It has all the same elements as the original, but is now more spaced out and has layers and sections where it sounds slightly different. Please tell me what you think in a comment down below! I’ll also include a link to the original assignment if anyone wants to take a look at that!

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