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Listening to Our Radio Shows

After two weeks of working on our radio projects, it’s time to give them a listen as they premier live on DS106 Radio! On Monday I listened to “How To Survive: Advice From The Five” & “The Tea on Social Media Radio Show,” both of which were created by our wonderful classmates in DS106.

“How To Survive: Advice From The Five” was very interesting and would be very helpful to incoming freshmen to the university. I wish there was actually a show or panel available when I was a freshman that offered advice like this. We have freshman advisors and our FSEM groups to support. There were general tips and tricks about everything that needs to be known about UMW, as well as some fun dorm cooking recipes! Yum!

“The Tea on Social Media Radio Show” was a different approach as well. I personal don’t use social media that much. I’ve used it more often this semester than I ever have because of this class. Despite being more active, I have tried to be aware of the bad things associated with social media. They discussed fake news, especially the “facts” associated with COVID-19. They also discussed how social media is good by allowing people to have a medium to communicate. We also had a very interesting discussion about social media sounds, talking about noises that we hear that we instantly associate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These were all really good topics about issues that are relevant, and I enjoyed this group bringing these issues up.

I didn’t get to listen on Tuesday because I live relatively close to a military base and they were bombing things all night, making it impossible for me to concentrate on anything (Fort A.P. Hill, if anyone is familiar with it). Plus, something funky was happening with our internet. I even got kicked out of my Zoom class Tuesday, which sucked. I did listen in Wednesday since my group’s radio show was being presented, and got to listen to the show after us, “The Undergraduate Monster Wash.” This show was my favorite. I’m a little jealous at how good it turned out, because the sounds effects and voice acting were really good. It was basically a mash-up of scary stories, which I thought was really good to end on since Halloween is approaching.

I really enjoyed all the shows I got to listen to! And I’m glad some people liked the show my group put on! It was a bit hard, but I liked it a lot! And for anyone who hasn’t heard these shows, go listen to them! Give your fellow classmates some love on the radio shows they worked really hard on!

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