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Just Some Transitions!

For this next assignment I was inspired in part by “3’S A Band” and the “Chrome Music Labs” assignments. Now that my group has divvied up work and started on started on our radio show project, I wanted to try and create some transitions to play between scenes. There’s plenty of audio assignments on the DS106 Assignment Bank that encourage you to create sounds and songs of your own, but I am a person who has never learned to play an instrument and knows absolutely nothing about music or music theory.

As I was browsing the assignment bank, I decided to check out some of the software that will allow you to create interesting beats. Chrome Music Lab was one I looked at, but it proved to be a little too complex for me to use. It’s simple enough to use, but with exams happening this week my nerves were shot and I didn’t have the patience to sit down and try and figure it out. Then something else caught my eye: MuseScore. I had never heard of it before and was fascinated to discover it’s free software you can use to compose classical sheet music.

Now, I have no idea how to read sheet music and can barely tell the difference between notes on a page, but I do have keen hearing. I downloaded MuseScore and played around with the notes until I had created something that sounded interesting. I cannot really explain my process, because all I did was click on things until that sounded okay in my ears! Afterwards I exported a recording of the audio file, which I chose to use the piano to play. I opened this file in Audacity and got to work applying some effects. One of my favorite things to do it normalize the audio and apply echo or reverb. It produces interesting results, and that’s exactly what I did here! Give it a listen!

For my second transition I took an entirely different approach. This one I made in GarageBand by messing around with the instruments until something just clicked. I’d like to point out that I have zero experience with creating music or sound mixing, so this transition came about as a result of me pressing buttons until I liked the playback sound. After I found the sound, I put it in Audacity and used the effects menu to play around with it some more. I made it fade in, because the original track had a fade out and sounded really heavy from the start. I fixed that, making it sound as if it gradually comes in instead of hitting you full-force from the start. Afterwards I normalized the volume and added a little reverb. Like the first transition, I wanted to make it subtle yet noticeable, because I hope to actually use it in our radio show!

So, what did you think? Tell me what you think by commenting down below!

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