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DS106 Radio Reflection

Alright, so I didn’t know what to expect when listening to DS106 radio since at a glance the music played there isn’t really my thing (Sorry!) and because I typically don’t listen to internet radio. I’m old fashioned in many ways, so I still listen to radio the old fashioned way. I haven’t quite jumped on the internet radio/streaming bandwagon yet, but I was pleasantly surprised by the things we listened to.

I managed to tune in Monday and Tuesday, but couldn’t on Wednesday because I had something to do for another class during that time. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention though! I heard my first radio bumper Monday night before the show got started, which was cool! Seeing a comment that they would included it is one thing, but hearing is another!

Each of the programs we listened to were interesting, being things I might have listened to on my own. I took a class on 20th Century Popular Culture before I graduated high school and had an absolute blast learning about vaudeville, theatre, music, sports, radio, television, and film. The radio segment turned out to be one of my favorites because it introduced me to old radio dramas and more modern podcasts. Since then I’ve been checking out radio dramas on Hoopla through my local library to listen to on the ride to and from the college every day. They’re interesting, thought provoking, and make the drive feel like it goes by just a little bit faster. And considering I live over an hour away from the UMW campus, anything to make it go faster is a plus!

The programs and podcasts we listened to were interesting because they were entertaining while being educational. I’m going to be honest, I have never been as invested in science as I was during some of these. Why? Because the storytelling and audio aspects made it fun! It wasn’t stale and boring, having someone spout off facts at you! Instead these were stories expertly woven together with ambient sounds and sound effects meant to enhance the listening experience!

I tried to contribute a bit in the Discord while listening, but I got lost in the audio for a while. Many of these techniques got me thinking about my own projects and especially about the radio assignment coming up in a few weeks. I’ve already blogged about this, brainstorming my thoughts, and talking about how I really would like to do a radio drama. Listening to these examples gave me so many ideas about how sound effects could be used to enhance the story, or how simple melodies could make you feel certain emotions.

Listening to DS106 Radio was a treat! I look forward to doing more with it in the coming weeks and see just what we can do by just adding a little bit of sound into the mix!

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