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Dare to Design

Design. Design. Design! This week has been one of those where you are thrown headfirst into something you’re familiar with but are allowed to experiment and do new things! Design was something I learned a lot about while doing photography, mainly because we were encouraged to think outside the box and create new things. I have since continued this idea of design as I’ve learned about digital studies, using this domain, and doing creative coding projects for other classes. This week allowed me to familiarize myself with some more artistic concepts I have not done much with in the past.

This week, much like last week, we were required to do a set number of assignments rather than a certain number of stars worth. We were required to do between four and five assignments, while completing a reflection on design concepts as well as a design blitz. The first two assignments I decided to complete were a missing person poster and barcode art, both of which I integrated into our course theme by directly including Bob Ross in the assignments. My final three assignments featured me redesigning the cover of George Orwell’s 1984, creating a postcard for the 4077 MASH from the television show M*A*S*H, and creating a simple house in the Sims 4. All of these assignments are linked below, so please take the time to check out whichever one interests you the most!

This Week’s Daily Creates!

This week we were required to complete three Daily Creates. There was a good variety this week, however these are the three I did because they interested me the most!

Participation and this Week’s Comments!

This week I had the pleasure of viewing quite a few different projects. I loved seeing how everyone approached these assignments, making them their own. Here a list of different posts I visited and left comments on this week! Be sure to check them out as well as my own work! And, as always, I reply back to everyone commenting on my posts! Be sure to leave a comment and you will hear back from me!

Oktoberfest!Gif Time Babee
On the cover of a magazine…Gamer Zone
As you wishThree More Creates
KISS LogoPoetry Design
The I Do CrewA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
My Bob ShirtBreakfast Cereal

Overall, it has been an eventful week. I had a lot of fun working on the assignments this week. Design concepts are very similar to photography concepts I have studied in the past, which was a subject I enjoy immensely. I also got to put my growing digital art skills to use for several of these assignments. I used Pixlr quite a bit this week, and also got some ideas from other people’s blogs that I think I will use in my free time or on later assignments!

As always, I look forward to continuing in this class! Please be sure to check out some of the assignments I did this week if you haven’t already! And don’t forget to comment!

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