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Looking back on the second week of DS106, I have to say that it’s been interesting! I spent quite a bit of time working on assignments from the DS106 Assignment Bank. My goal was to do a few that weren’t that hard to get a feel for them while putting my own personal spin on them. The only request that was made of us was to relate two of the assignments to the course theme in some way. This led to me creating a radio bumper for DS106 Radio (which Professor Bond shared on Twitter) and generating an image based on a word search related to the class. I also shared a favorite photograph of mine as part of these assignments. Click on each of the following buttons to be taken to this week’s assignments! Please be sure to leave a comment as well and tell me what you liked or disliked! Please check out my Daily Create submissions as well! I’m rather proud of many of them and how they prompted me to engage in quick creative thinking!

This Week’s Daily Creates!

Now, please take a moment to enjoy this week’s Daily Creates that I participated in! All Daily Creates are posted from my Twitter account and are located in the replies of the corresponding Daily Create Prompts in a attempt to organize my posts!

Thank you for taking a look at my Daily Creates for the week! I hope to continuing doing more, so keep an eye out for me on Twitter! My handle is @MarieLynn092. I’m going to make it my goal to make the #DS106dc part of my daily routine, since they are the most fun I have had on social media and let me be creative in ways I never thought possible!


Other than doing quick and fun little creative assignments, I’ve also put an effort into participation by commenting on a lot of people’s blogs. Unfortunately I had an issue with my computer earlier in the week and lost some of the links to my own comments or they never got approved to show up on people’s blogs. Whatever may have happened, I tried to make up for it by revisiting those blogs and commenting. I have also taken the time to approve all comments on my own posts, as well as reply when appropriate. These comments can be seen on my own blog or in the sidebar under “Recent Comments.” Here is a record of all the blogs pages I’ve visited this week and left comments on! Hopefully my comments will show up and not get lost somewhere around the World Wide Web! And don’t forget if you’d like to hear back from me, leave a comment on one of my own blogs! I always read comments, even those made on posts I made a long time ago!

Comments and Participation for the Week!

Customizing My Site

The final thing I really focused on this week was attempting to customize my blog. To anyone who might have seen my blog last week, it might not seem like a lot has changed. That’s both true and untrue. If you read my weekly reflection from last week, you’ll know that I had an incident that nearly caused my website to crash and prompted me to give it a major overhaul. In other words, I did this part of the assignment nearly a week early. Whoops! However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything to customize my site! Many of the things I used to customize my site are “behind-the-scenes” things. What does that mean? Plugins, mainly. I upgraded the security on my account by installing Akismet Anti-Spam and Jetpack. I also installed a plugin called Elementor, which adds some features that allows me to customize the layout of posts by adding markdown, tiling images, and even add star ratings! I’m really excited about the last one, because I really want to use it to customize my assignment posts since they are rated by stars! I’ve also added a theme button to my website near the search bar, so if anyone wants to throw this site into dark mode you now can! I encourage you to! I also have installed a calendar in the left sidebar, which is accessible by pressing the button that looks like three horizontal lines near the top of the page. I plan to add more features here once I figure more out about WordPress and what plugins I can use without crashing my site.

One other thing I did was add some detail to my home page. For anyone out there who might be a longtime viewer of my site and assignments, you may be aware that my homepage has been blank for over a year. This was because I simply didn’t know what to do with it. I’m still not totally happy with it, but I added some photographs I’ve taken and added a little summary. As we progress through this class, I hope to get more ideas on what to include on this website and maybe make it have more of a personal touch. As it stands, I’m happy with the way my site looks for the first time in over a year and hope to continue improving the design so that it defines who am as a person.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my blog about my weekly activities in DS106! Please leave a comment and don’t forget to take a look at my assignment posts for this week!


  • Kylie Jackson

    I love the organization of your site. I have a simple theme for my website and I would like to change it, but I am afraid that messing with the theme will mess up my posts. I read on someone else’s blog last week that they tried changing the theme after they had made posts and everything got chaotic. Also, I love your malaphor! That is so clever and I like the little cartoon you drew to go along with it.

    • Lyndsey Clark

      Customizing your site can be a bit daunting. I almost crashed mine about a week ago by installing a plugin that displaced everything! I would suggest looking through WordPress a bit. You can always customize your current theme and add more content to it. I’m finally happy with the layout of my site after about a year of fighting with it, so it’s something that comes with time!

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