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Boston… by Jackson Pollack?

For my first remix assignment this week, I was inspired by the “Remix an Album Cover” assignment I completed earlier this week. I decided to remix this assignment and became intrigued by the prompt to turn it into a Jackson Pollack painting. I then created the remix assignment, which can be found here: “Remix An Album Cover: Pollack Style.”

I mentioned in the original version of this assignment I did this week that I wanted to create a remix of Boston’s debut album. Unfortunately when I was trying to remix it, I couldn’t think of anything. Boston already did a pretty good job at that, creating an album cover than has guitar-shaped spaceships in space. It’s one of my favorite album covers because some people I know didn’t even know this fact until I pointed it out! This was around the time I started looking at remixed projects and found the Jackson Pollock card. I thought, “That sounds cool!” and here we are!

I have provided both the original remix and the Jackson Pollock version for reference. The remixed version I did has a blurred background, and I used the smudge tool in Pixlr to make the fire and planet look more abstract. I then used a particle tool in Pixlr to fragment pixels in the image to make it look like a bunch of paint splotches. I messed around with the color, tone, and difference a bit to ensure you could still figure out what it is supposed to be. To be honest, I used so many options in tools it’s kind of hard to explain. I mostly just pressed things, kept them if I liked them, and erased them if I didn’t. The final result turned out good, I think. It looks kind of like a stylized Jackson Pollack painting, and everyone I’ve shown it to seems to think so too!

The original remixed album cover of Boston’s debut album.
Boston as a Jackson Pollock Painting
The Jackson Pollack version of Boston’s debut album.

Please let me know what you think in a comment down below! Which version do you like the best?


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