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Birds of the Alphabet

Rating: 3 out of 5.

For this assignment I decided to do something a bit challenging and poetic. The assignment I chose was “A Story In Alphabet” from the DS106 Assignment Bank, which has you create a story using every letter of the alphabet in order. I wanted to take is a step further by creating a poem. I was inspired by artwork I have seen for the Persian poem “The Conference of the Birds.” I wanted to make a simple descriptive poem that included as many birds as possible with words describing them. However, choosing this assignment made that process even harder since I had to use the letters of the alphabet in order. The hard part was finding words that fit the birds I had chosen descriptively, however I think I managed just fine.

To complete this assignment, I used Wikipedia’s List of Birds by Common Name page and the Scrabble Player’s Dictionary to find descriptive words by using their letter search. I wanted to use a variety of birds and even thought of switching the order of description and bird every couple lines, but decided not to so I wouldn’t break the flow of the poem. Please, give the finished project a read and tell me what you think in a comment down below!

Albatrosses beckon,

Cockatoos dance,

Eagles fly,

Guineas hide,

Ibises jibe,

Kookaburras loom,

Magpies nag,

Orioles preen,

Quails roost,

Sparrows twitter,

Umbrellabirds vibe,

Woodpeckers xeric,

Yellowheads zigzag


  • Kylie Jackson

    This is so unique. You interpreted this assignment differently than I had. I thought about doing this assignment. However, then contemplated how hard it would be to make a cohesive sentence that made sense, but this is very clever. I love hown you described each bird with an adjective or verb.

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