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An Architectural Mode

For this post, I will be going over what I did for the assignment “Back To Basics!” To start off, I did not use either of the games mentioned in the assignment’s description. I’m not a huge fan of Minecraft, though sometimes I find myself playing it for fun, and Roblox has never interested me and I refused to download it for this assignment. Instead, I decided to use one of the games I do have: The Sims 4.

For anyone unfamiliar with it, the Sims franchise is a life simulation game that allows you to create sims, who are the people that populate the game, and play through their lives. The Sims is a fascinating game because everyone plays it differently, and most often not in the way it is intended. You, as the player, are pretty much a god lording over your simulation people, making them happy, average, or twisted lives. However, I do not play Sims just for the gameplay. That is only half the fun. You see, the Sims allows you to create your own houses, designing them from scratch or using templates, to make the best house for your sims! There’s no right or wrong to building, and sometimes it is fun to make disastrous builds just to watch the chaos unfold. I tend to spend more time building lots and houses in the Sims 4 than actually playing the game, so I thought it would be the perfect medium to create a simple house of my own.

The house I created was simple. It was meant to be a starter house, meaning it can easily be expanded upon or left as-is. I’d like to point out that I have all of the expansion packs for Sims 4, so there was an endless amount of customization and creativity going on while I built this. Typically when I build I do not have anything in mind, so I created a large room before adding onto it to allow the house to take shape!

The overall design is fairly simple. This is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom house with a joint living and kitchen space, and a small hallway that connects the bedroom and bathroom to the living area. I kept the design modern and minimalist, since none of my sims were meant to be living in this. When entering the front door you are greeted with the kitchen and dining area ahead of you, the living room to your left, and the hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom on the right. I chose a lot of whites, blacks, and browns for the color scheme, with just a splash of pink from the couches and chairs. There is also a little bit of green, since I tend to place houseplants. The exterior is made to look as if it is made of stone, with a paved driveway, and a couple flowerbeds.

House Side 2 Interior

This all was done on PS4, since I do not own a computer that can handle video games. After completing the build I had to screenshot it from various angles and then export those screenshots to a thumbdrive I use as added storage on my PS4. From there I simply inserted the thumb drive into my computer and uploaded the files you see to Flickr!

Please tell me what you think, because I spent quite a bit of time on this. You would not believe how time flies when you are designing a house in a game like the Sims!

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