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A Little Song of My Own

Quick story behind this post! I recently bought a new iPad because Apple has stopped updating the one I’ve had for nearly ten years (stupid planned obsolescence) and also because I need a reliable back-up in case my laptop decides to bite the dust (which did happen two years ago, and old faithful saved me). So, this iPad came with a bunch of stuff pre-installed, most of which I deleted, but I noticed I now had access to GarageBand and iMovie without having to pay a separate fee. Now, I have never used either of these programs before, but something about GarageBand had me playing around in it the moment I got it. I made a couple beats, experimented with some of the Apple loops, accidently made a song that already exists (which SoundCloud struck me down for, even though I had NO IDEA and Apple loops are SUPPOSED to be royalty free!!!), and so on.

Like I said, trial and error.

I was super excited to find the “Play DJ & Make A Song” assignment. It gave my tinkerings purpose!

Now, as someone who has little experience in GarageBand, it is a super hard program to use. I have no experience playing instruments, so many of the ways the program imitates instruments goes right over my head. However there are autoplay functions and ways for you to record beats as you go, which is primarily what I played around with.

I was originally post a different song, but like I mentioned before, I somehow made a song that already exists. I don’t listen to newer music and I thought I was playing around with instrumentals that sound like 1970s Parliament-Funkadelic, not something that was released in 2020. My version wasn’t an exact replica, but it some of the rifts were close enough that SoundCloud shut me down. Hard.

However, this was not the only song I had created. Thankfully this one had never been done before!

The basic idea behind this song was to create a continuous loop that could go on and on forever. I was inspired by the way Nintendo makes music for their games, and how the songs can seemingly go one forever, yet end at any time as well. I took what I like to call the “Bob Ross approach” to this song. This means as I was experimenting with GarageBand I carefully picked sounds and added them together, and refused to remove them. So the final product is one big “happy accident” that came together rather nicely while experimenting with a program I had never used before. Yay!

Please give my song a listen! I’d suggest listening to it on a loop. I mainly just experimented with the premade instrumental sets in GarageBand, playing it by ear to create an interesting piece. Please tell me what you think in a comment down below, and if you have any experience with GarageBand I’d love some tips!

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