Digital Storytelling

A Beginner’s Attempt at Videomaking

This week we started our unit of videos and video editing. As a person who has hardly no experience with video editing, I decided to start early so it wouldn’t be a struggle by the end of the week. We had two required assignments which had us expand on project ideas and create a short video essay. Then we had a choice to either create a large scale video or complete ten stars worth of assignments. I choose to do the latter, creating a lyric video, a short hand-drawn animation, and a video where the sound is muted and a song is played over it. I had a lot of fun doing these assignment and already have some more planned for next week! Please take the time to go through and check out the work I’ve done this week! I look forward to seeing some new comments!

This Week’s Daily Creates!

Since this week was all about videos, we were only required to complete two Daily Creates. I did more than two, but here’s two of my favorites from this week!

This Week’s Comments and Participation!

As always, here’s a list of some of the blog posts I’ve commented on this week! Check them out and be sure to comment! Also, don’t forget to comment on some of my own! I’ve noticed there hasn’t been a lot of activity lately. I try to always respond, too, so please go out and comment!

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Overall, this week has been very interesting. I’ve made some short video assignments I never thought I’d be making in my life, and they were all surprising fun! I’ve got some assignments planned out for next week too! Be sure to look out for that!

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