Adventures in Digital History

The Class So Far

I can’t really complain about this class so far. Over the past few weeks we have been defining for ourselves what this class will look like in terms of content and assignments. I’m going to be honest and say I love this approach. There are some classes you attend because they are mandatory, and you just want them to be over with. So far, I have looked forward to every meeting. I love the atmosphere of the class. Due to the small size of the class, I feel like I can easily communicate with my classmates. I love sharing ideas with others and hearing what they have to say as well. I believe that this type of approach to learning leads to people researching on their own and discovering topics that interest them. Now, this is the first 400-level class I have taken and so don’t have a lot of experience to compare it to. However, I feel like this class is preparing me to engage in topics outside college, which is a nice feeling.

Looking towards the readings for this class, I have to say that each one of them has been incredibly interesting. Technology and Communication in American History by Gregory J. Downey is such a compact book that is brimming with historical information. The book looks small, but there is quite a bit to unfold there. I particularly like how the book is divided into subsections within the chapters, so you don’t get lost. Downey’s theses are easy to find, and he back each one of his points up with substantial information and then some. I’m interested to see how close we will follow Downey’s book over the course of the semester. I’m sure his attention to research and detail will be valuable for assignments in the coming weeks.

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