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Refresh, Restore, Rescue: Our Project So Far

As the third week of the semester comes to a close, Dr. McClurken asked us to create a short video explaining some aspect of our project. I am a member of the Refresh, Restore, Rescue group, alongside Ashley Dimino, Carson Berrier, and Eugene Hlaing. While we have had an idea in mind since the first week, we finally put it all into words last class, and have now created a short video about that plan.

The basic idea behind our project is to rescue and restore broken digital history sites, while refreshing those with minor issues. Dr. McClurken gave us a spreadsheet that lists all of the digital history sites, good and bad. Many of them are fully functional with hardly any issues, however there are quite a few that do need work. The following video goes a little more into all of this!

Please share any thoughts down below! What do you think about our project plan so far?

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  • Janis Shurtleff

    Really interested to see where this project goes and the recovering of older sites. Internet Archive has been a life saver for other classes so its very cool that you guys are actually adding to it and helping out other students for projects in the future!

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