Adventures in Digital History


As the semester comes to a close, we’ve spent the majority of our time the past week working on fixing any issues Dr. McClurken found with our sites. My group was happy to find that, out of the many, many pages on our site, there was only a few issues that really needed to be addressed. Some minor issues with tagging, a blog post needed to be updated, a few spelling and grammar errors, as well as some much needed citations. Once all of this was brought to our attention, we have been picking through the site with a fine tooth comb.

I personally have been on citation duty. Once I updated the blog post, adding a section that had not previously been there, I’ve been looking through each page to ensure images are cited properly. Our project is a strange one, because we don’t have a full, comprehensive bibliography. We didn’t really research anything this semester, because we were working on fixing other peoples projects. So far it’s been easy to go through an fix these issues, but we still have quite a few we need to fix in preparation for next week’s symposium!

Other than minor site edits, I’ve been thinking over what I want to write for the reflection of this class. I was a bit apprehensive about working on such an extensive group project with others, but I honestly could not have asked for a better group. So while I’m nervous about the symposium, I am excited to share my thoughts on how this project went this semester.

Stay tuned for that! Until then, good luck to everyone as they finish up their projects! Everyone produced such wonderful websites and I know we will all do fantastic at the symposium!

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