Adventures in Digital History

Moving Forward With Our Project

As this week comes to a close, my group has began finalizing our group contract as well as started reaching out to the Digital Knowledge Center. Tuesday set us back a bit because half our group was out for various reasons, but myself and Ashley had a wonderful conversation with Shannon Hauser in the DKC over our next steps.

We discovered that our project might not be as hard as we originally thought. Shannon laid out a great plan for us to apply minor changes to some websites, since that would not ruin all the work previous students did in creating them. For example, one site has a random login button in the top banner, which simply needs to be removed. There are no other changes that need to be made to that particular site, which means she has no problem with us fixing that single issue. However, if any major changes are going to be made then we will need to consult her and Dr. McClurken. More than likely we will need to discuss any sites that need major changes with them so copies can be made. This means we will likely be working off a copy of the original sites we plan to modify by archiving the old ones so they are not edited beyond recognition or deleted. This means we can preserve the old sites while updating them for future use. This also solves the issue we were talking about making the old versions of the site available through the Wayback Machine. We can still do that while having the assurance that the old version of he site still exists.

We’ve also discusses the implications of advertising our site. Since it will be a “homepage” for all the other digital history sites with information tagged about them. We plan to include information about those sites as well as little blurbs about any edits we made. However, we realized getting people to visit our site might be an issue. One form of advertising, we realized, would come from the History Symposium. However, we also thought about spreading the news through some of the university’s social media accounts. We plan to discuss this a bit more to see how it can be applied to such an arbitrary project like ours. Perhaps that is another think we should bring up in a meeting with the DKC. However, that’s something we need to discuss once we are all back together again.

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