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Is It Another Blog Post? A Project Update? Both??

It’s another blog post/project update! Yay.

Lyndsey Clark, 2022

Not to sound sarcastic or anything, but I’m tired of blog posts this week. Normally I love doing them because I get to ramble and have fun. My site, my rules, after all. However, I have done nothing but write blogs posts this week. With our digital history projects coming up due next week (April 7th) I have been putting in overtime getting all the blog posts done for the History Legacy site.

What does this mean?

Well, every site the the digital archeologist team (that’s what we call ourselves, by the way) has helped refresh, restore, or rescue gets its own blog post tailored specifically to that site, complete with before and after screenshots. Individually, I have worked on seven different sites. That’s seven different blog posts that provide a lot of background information on the ways the sites were broke, how they were fixed, and making screenshots work the way I wanted. This includes relevant hyperlinks, too. And tags. Tags are all over our site, and we aren’t even done with that yet. Joy.

I don’t want to go into too many details on this, because I’ll be talking more on it in class, and because people reading this should totally go check out our site! Go on! You know you want to! We highly encourage feedback! And check out my blog posts! I’ll even provide the link, here!

I will say that I did enjoy the Hypothesis assignment earlier this week. My group had way too much fun talking about the textbook and making annotations, mostly because we picked the chapter that fit best with our group: Digital Preservation.

I think I’ll end out this blog post by wishing all the other groups good luck. We have one more week before we submit the projects we’ve worked all semester on. Sure, we’ll likely have to make changes once Dr. McClurken looks them over, but by the end of next week we will have hit that milestone!

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