Adventures in Digital History

Introduction for HIST 427

Hey all! I’m going to be introducing myself for my professor and peers in HIST 427, History of the Information Age. My name in Lyndsey and I’m a double major in Communications & Digital Studies and History. I took this class because I enjoyed a class I had previously with Dr. McClurken, who is fantastic. I’m very interested in how this course will go, mainly because there are so many directions it could go. What we classify as the “Information Age” can date back to the dawn of history all the way to the present day. However, I’m mainly interested in the use of photography, radio, television, and film as mass means of communication and information sharing. I have been fascinated my popular culture for years now, and I believe the information age ties directly into the spread and consumption of such media.

Looking over previous iterations of this class has been interesting. I personally like how creative some of the assignments appear to be. I love the idea of using photography, specifically negatives or prints, to use for an assignment of some kind. Also, old cameras are fun to use. Live Tweeting Past Historical Events also seems really fun. I have a friend who would find that funny and it would be fun to find ways to use memes and GIFs to tweet with the events. Propaganda is also really fun. I had a teacher in high school who had us create a propaganda campaign for a dictatorship, and that would be interesting to re-do more in-depth. I also loved the Timeline. It provided a really nice overview of certain events that are crucial to the history of the information age. I think it would be cool if we could use the WordPress PressPlace plugin in to take the Timeline up a notch by adding locations and go on a virtual odyssey.

Also, shoutout to the 2014 class for giving advice. I think the most important piece of advice they shared would be encouraging people to be creative and to try to work well with others. These are two very crucial pieces of advice that I will be trying to take advantage of, as well as making good use of the new technologies offered through this class.

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