Adventures in Digital History

ADH Project Finished!

When I say “finished” I mean the that we finished the first “draft” of our Adventures in Digital History project. I’m sure that we will have to make some minor changes at the request of Dr. McClurken, but for now we can say we are finished with this long, and oftentimes stressful, project.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed working on it! I learned a lot about website management, digital preservation, organization, and the limitations that come with all of that! It has been so fun to work alongside Ashley, Carson, and Eugene to create a functioning site. But there’s something about officially being done that is excellent!

This has been the hardest project I have ever worked on, surpassing the many coding and research projects I’ve done. I’m very thankful I didn’t have to to it alone, because everyone in my group was supportive and helpful in so many ways!

While we still have the revision period ahead of us, I’m thankful knowing whatever that entails will be nowhere near as hard as what we put together. As it stands, this site serves as a central hub for all of the existing ADH sites. Some are broken, yes, but we’ve even provided overviews and information related to that! I’m sure the only things we might have to fix would be issues with links and images. That’s mainly what our site is, so there bound to be something we missed!

As it stands, please take a look at our site so far! I will be writing up a much more detailed report on everything related to this project in the next two weeks, so stay tuned!

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