Adventures in Digital History

A Short Documentary on John Nash

For my digitally enhanced project for History of US Mental Health, I decided pretty early on that I wanted to create a short video documentary on my topic. Most of my sources for this project are videos, interviews, and documentaries surrounding John Forbes Nash Jr. (who is a pretty famous mathematician that suffered from schizophrenia) and it only felt fitting that I create a project that reflects my sources. Outside of that, I also wanted to do something that was a little outside of my comfort zone. I have never created a video of this magnitude before, however I have been working on the script and have been lining up images and clips I plant to use in the final project. My goal is to make a video documentary no more than fifteen minutes in length that provides a good historical overview and analysis of Nash’s life and his experiences with schizophrenia. I am planning to discuss his symptoms according to DSM-1 and DSM-5 standards, his time spent in various mental institutions, the medical treatments he went through (as well as his reasons for refusing medication), and the possibility of him having some other form of mental illness outside of schizophrenia according to modern-day psychologists. My goal is to have this project complete within the next week or so, and will be featured on this website. Depending on how things go, I plan to host the video through YouTube. If that doesn’t work out due to copyright reasons (such as the audio being muted or images being blocked) I may have to use some other platform. However it goes, the video will appear on this blog with a full transcript and list of citations.

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