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A Mind on Strike

Many of the research I’ve done for this project so far has been difficult. Broken links, incomplete sources, shady websites, and so on. John Forbes Nash Jr. was very private about his life and his mental condition, so it is hard to find reference to him outside of his biography and the movie adaptation.

I found this source while doing some research about his death, rather than his life. I do not know why this particular video was so hard to find, because it is very informative, put together with care, and from a credible institution.

“A Mind on Strike – Remember John Nash” chronicles Nash’s experiences by using video and interviews that actually feature Nash. It starts with Nash’s final moments, where he alongside Louis Nirenberg received the Abel Prize in 2015 from King Harald V of Norway. Afterwards Nash and his wife Alicia returned to the United States and were killed when the taxi they were riding in crashed. People discuss Nash, his achievements, who he was, and the difficulties he overcame before becoming a Nobel Prize winner.

Since I am planning to do a video documentary, this video is a vital source of information and footage. Most of the primary sources associated with Nahs are in the form of videos, including documentaries about him, interviews conducted by various institutions, and recordings of his lectures or honors. Finding a video like this is very useful, because it not only is a valuable resource, but a template I can use for when I create my own video.

Heidelberg Laureate Forum. “A Mind on Strike – Remembering John Nash.” YouTube, June 29, 2017.

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