• Adventures in Digital History

    Digital Map and Timeline Tools

    Last week we were given a crash course on map making and timeline tools that can be used to enhance our digital history projects. In the past I have used Google Maps to tell a story, and even had to use TimelineJS in History of the Information Age with Dr. McClurken. Even though I have used them, I am not very experienced with either of them. I have used them for various projects in other classes at UMW, particularly Digital Storytelling and Intro to Digital Studies, but I have have a more longterm map project I worked on from high school that tells its own story. I am interested in…

  • Adventures in Digital History

    Reflection of Past Digital History Projects

    After looking over a few of the digital history projects, I felt some of them do an excellent job while others do not. Of course, you could claim this to be subjective because not everyone likes the way something looks. However, creating a “perfect” website that will last is simply not viable. We saw this with the Cohen and Rosenzweig textbook, especially with how they tried so hard to future proof it. Now all it consists of is broken links, but at least page numbers are available to check sources the old fashioned way. One thing I like about this class is that I am able to look at these…

  • Adventures in Digital History

    What is Digital History?

    As we start off a new semester at UMW, it is once again time to create an obligatory blog post introducing oneself and describing one’s goals for the upcoming semester. And that is exactly what I plan to do with this blog post. Please note that this blog post is for HIST 428 with Dr. McClurken. I have other blogs for other classes running on this same site, though I have recently had to delete some things because I had very, very little storage space left on my Domain. Moving forward with introductions, my name is Lyndsey Clark. I am currently a second semester junior at UMW. I’m a double…