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The Joy of Subtitles

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

For my final assignment this week I decided to create a subtitled GIF for the aptly named assignment, “Subtitle GIF.” Since I have already related one assignment this week to our wonderful theme of Bob Ross, I decided to go back to the first week of this class and subtitle a GIF I created from the episode of “The Joys of Painting” I was assigned to watch. In this episode, “The Property Line” (Season 25, Episode 13), Bob Ross talked about his love for all creatures and included footage of him holding a baby racoon.

To do this took a few steps, simply because I used GIPHY, however GIPHY does not let you use a YouTube link for a video over five minutes. I had to download this episode and then find the portion about the racoon, trimming it so I could upload the thirty second clip to GIPHY. From there I messed around with the loop to get as much Bob Ross and racoon content as possible before adding an abridged version of what he actually says in the episode. I thought this portion of the episode was cute and really wanted to subtitle it since Bob Ross is so gentle and full of love for nature.

Please take a look at the GIF and tell me what you think by commenting down below!

Bob Ross GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


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