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The Joy of Painting: Where’s Waldo? Edition

For my second remix assignment this week, I decided to take a look back on an old assignment I did at the beginning of the semester. I originally completed the “Populate the Landscape” visual assignment, where I took a Bob Ross painting and put He-Man into it. I thought it turned out nice and really wanted to remix the assignment in some way. When I remixed this assignment, I got a card that that told me to turn it into a Where’s Waldo? image. I do not think I could have gotten a better card!

To start off, I went on the Joy of Painting website to find a Bob Ross painting I could work with. While I could have used my original assignment, I wanted to do something a bit different. I first thought about using Pixlr to drop the people from Where’s Waldo into the painting, but soon found out that would take more time than I had. I then remembered Giphy has stickers and drawing tools that let you animate a still image. So, I took this assignment to the next level by populating the image with animated figures. All the stickers came form Giphy and are winter themed and I included Waldo in his signature striped jumper. I had to post the final result on Twitter and embed the tweet here, because WordPress really did not like the Giphy embed code. You can also view the original on Giphy.

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