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A Supernatural Supercut

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For my final assignment of the week (which also happens to be one of two five-star assignments I did this week) I decided to create a supercut video. I’ve seen many supercuts, because they seem to be a popular thing on YouTube. I was curious as to why this was labeled as a five star assignment, because it didn’t seem like that much work. I was completely wrong!

A supercut video looks simply, but is actually very complex. First I had to come up with something to supercut. At first I considered a continuation of my western theme from last week by making a supercut of every time someone says the word “plan” in Red Dead Redemption 2. I then lowered the bar slightly to focus on one character, but soon discovered I don’t have the time to go through hours worth of cutscenes. I also don’t have anything to record screen-capture on my PS4, so I quickly ditched that idea. But that doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it later! Maybe when I have some free time I’ll continue this idea, but with the semester winding down I have too much going on.

My second choice actually came to me as quickly as the first: Supernatural. More specifically, every time Dean Winchester says “Cas” (or “Cass”) or “Castiel.” Castiel is, of course, another character in the show. For anyone unfamiliar with Supernatural, it’s a show about two brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester) who hunt all the supernatural creatures that go bump in the night. You’re introduced to demons as early as Season 1, and then the angels make an appearance in Season 4 with the onslaught of the Apocalypse. The angels turn out to be just as bad as demons, except for one that chooses to hang around the Winchester brothers named Castiel, the Angel of Thursday. There’s a bit of subtext to be talked about in the relationship between Dean and Castiel, especially since the angels in Supernatural can literally appear out of thin air and Cas always shows up when Dean calls. I actually stopped watching the show sometime around Season 9, but I do know it ran for 15 Seasons. I plan to watch the rest one day to finish off the show, but for now I wanted to create a supercut containing the many, many times Dean says Castiel’s name.

I discovered immediately that this assignment was a lot of work. Thankfully I didn’t have to scour YouTube for videos because I own the seasons I used on DVD. This was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I had everything at my fingertips. A curse because I had to go through each disc individually and record my screen for the clips I wanted. I used Screen-Cast-O-Matic for this, because I don’t know of any other software that lets you record your screen other than Zoom, and Zoom hasn’t been working good for me lately. Little by little, piece by piece, I recorded clips I wanted to use. Once I did this I laid them out in OpenShot in an order that I though worked well. Some are in order by how they appear in an episode, others are not. Since it’s a supercut I did not think it needed to be in any chronological order, and just ordered it however I wanted. Afterwards I added a title and end screen, before taking an extra step and adding music to the intro and outro. Supernatural contains a lot of rock’n’roll, and “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas is sort of the unofficial theme song of the show. It plays during every season finale so I thought it was a good fit. Thankfully I have the Kansas album this song is on and didn’t have to hunt it down either! I simply ripped the track from the CD, sliced the audio so it covered the intro and outro, and finished the video!

I managed to do this all without OpenShot crashing on me, which I consider a miracle in and of itself! After I uploaded it to YouTube and it thankfully didn’t get blocked! So, without further ado, here is my supercut! I hope you enjoy!

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