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    ADH Project Finished!

    When I say “finished” I mean the that we finished the first “draft” of our Adventures in Digital History project. I’m sure that we will have to make some minor changes at the request of Dr. McClurken, but for now we can say we are finished with this long, and oftentimes stressful, project. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed working on it! I learned a lot about website management, digital preservation, organization, and the limitations that come with all of that! It has been so fun to work alongside Ashley, Carson, and Eugene to create a functioning site. But there’s something about officially being done that is excellent! This…

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    Is It Another Blog Post? A Project Update? Both??

    It’s another blog post/project update! Yay. Lyndsey Clark, 2022 Not to sound sarcastic or anything, but I’m tired of blog posts this week. Normally I love doing them because I get to ramble and have fun. My site, my rules, after all. However, I have done nothing but write blogs posts this week. With our digital history projects coming up due next week (April 7th) I have been putting in overtime getting all the blog posts done for the History Legacy site. What does this mean? Well, every site the the digital archeologist team (that’s what we call ourselves, by the way) has helped refresh, restore, or rescue gets its…

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    The Evolution of Digital History

    What do you first think of when asked about historical scholarship, or history in general? Most people I know would describe it as being “stuffy,” “boring,” or “a lot of reading.” I will acquiesce it can be all those things, yes, but also so much more. Once upon a time I also thought history to be just these things. When I declared myself a history major I accepted I would likely be pouring over large book, academic journal articles, transcripts, and more to write my own equally long and convoluted findings for others to later write about. Then I discovered digital history was actually real, and the rest was history.…