• Digital Storytelling

    Week One Reflection

    Looking back on this week, I have to say that the process of setting up everything for DS106 has been interesting. One of the first things on the agenda was to create a Domain Of One’s Own, and from there create a WordPress blog. I’m going to be honest, I felt like I had a little bit of an advantage here simply because I already had a Domain. The website that this blog is hosted on is that Domain: lmclark7.com. The iteration you see before you onscreen has undergone extensive changes over the course of the past year, and especially so in the last week. You may find yourself asking…

  • History of Mental Health in the U.S.

    Introduction for HIST 471G4

    Hey everyone! This blog post serves as an introduction for myself for my professor and peers in HIST 471G4, History of Mental Health in the U.S. My name in Lyndsey and I’m a double major in Communications & Digital Studies and History. I took this class because I enjoyed several classes I had previously with Dr. McClurken, who is fantastic. However, I am also coming very close to completing the requirements for the History major, and had to fit in another 400-level class. What better way to do that than with a professor I’m already familiar with and think is wonderful? I’m very interested in how this course will go,…

  • Creative Coding

    Why Code?

    Today marked the beginning of the semester here at UMW. As a double major in History and Communications and Digital Studies, my schedule is full of classes that fit into one category on the other. However, in my first class of the day this morning, Dr. Whalen asked us to create a brief statement of purpose for ourselves. In other words, describe how you would set your intention for learning and define your personal ground rules for challenging yourself. This is due to the nature of the projects in his class, Creative Coding, which may take you beyond your comfort zone. The question is simply how far are you willing…